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Pedagogical documentation – digging deeper

Pedagogical Documentation ‘Digging Deeper’ Part 1 & Part2

March / April 2018

Part One:       Kirsty Liljegren 

Kirsty Liljegren until recently was the Director of Cornish College ELC where many New Zealanders have visited this inspiring educational setting. Kirsty is a long standing member of Reggio Emilia Information Exchange Australia and has used the pedagogical provocations from Reggio Emilia to think about the question; ‘How do we as educators enable children to flourish?’.

This workshop will be an opportunity to revisit ideas and extend knowledge and understanding of the critical role that documentation plays in enriching the possibilities for the community of learners.

 There will be a focus on:

  • how documentation can inform curriculum
  • the role that documentation plays in our growing understanding of children
  • the many possibilities and strategies of making children’s learning visible
  • the role that pedagogical documentation has in supporting and enlightening children’s and teachers’ research
  • promoting teachers’ curiosity and continuous professional learning
  • the manageability of pedagogical documentation
  • ethical considerations


“The motivation to document children’s learning should be about wanting to know moreand to engage in critical reflection and debate to comprehend and unravel the wonders of children’s thinking and the complexity and inter connectedness that is the fabric of early childhood and education"        Wendy Shepherd, Rattler 109, 2014 

Participants are invited to bring along any examples of documentation (digital or paper) they would like to refer to, and reflect on during our discussions.           

This workshop is aimed at participants who have had experience with incorporating documentation as part of their every day practice.

Participants will be rejuvenated and inspired, bringing back ideas that can be transformed and utilised in their own context.

Part Two:     The ‘Cup Project'  Bridgette Towle

The second component of this professional learning opportunity will focus on a year-long project undertaken by teachers’ from Kids Domain Early Learning Centre. 

This project gives us a glimpse into the complexities of children working closely with an everyday material that opens up myriads of possibilities for thinking, collaboration and technology. We see the role of the teacher who skillfully works alongside children to navigate learning; deciding when to extend, to offer ideas or when to stand back, listen and observe. Time for discussion will be an important part of our time together.

  • Christchurch: Saturday March 10th & Monday 9th April. (Venue to be confirmed)
  •          Registration: $165 (GST Inclusive) per person for both days.  More Information
  • Wellington:  Monday 12th March & Tuesday 10th April.  
  •                    Registration $90 (GST Inclusive) per person for both days. More Information
  • Hawkes Bay: Tuesday 13th March & Thursday 12th April. 
  •                   Registration $90 (GST Inclusive) per person for both days. More Information
  • Auckland: Thursday 15th March & Thursday 5th April. 
  •                  Registration $90 (GST Inclusive) per person for both days. More Information


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A Pedagogy of Relations 

The REANZ network is pleased to offer teachers across New Zealand the opportunity to hear from and engage with Margo Hobba and Chris Celada.  Margo and Chris bring to our shores a wealth of wisdom and in-depth understanding of the principles of Reggio Emilia, the notion of epistemology- ‘building knowledge’ -and the way in which children build their knowledge and carry out research.  They have both had long careers in early childhood and tertiary education. Based on their studies around the educational project in Reggio Emilia and working on from their previous project Teachers IN research with children they will be facilitating: 


Malaguzzi described objects as being “part of a thinking society”. Rather than being passive, inert and fixed, materials have the power to change the way we think and see the world. 

During your time with Chris and Margo we will encounter materials in new and complex ways and consider the relation between materiality and learning. 

A series of evening workshops across New Zealand

These evening workshops will be organised by REANZ Trust and hosted by our regional network groups in Auckland, Manawatu and Christchurch in June 2017.  They will all run from 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm with a cost of $75.00 per person including GST.  

Here are the dates: 

Auckland – Reggio Emilia Auckland (REA)

Monday 19 June 2017

Venue: Kohia Centre, Gate 1, 78 Epsom Ave. Epsom, Auckland

Manawatu – Reggio Emilia Manawatu (REM)

Tuesday 20 June 2017

Venue: Conference1, Manawatu Golf Club, 19 Centennial Drive, Palmerston North

Christchurch – Reggio Emilia Christchurch Region (REACH)

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Room Wheti 451 University of Canterbury, Christchurch

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A pedagogy of relations: RESEARCHING LEARNING

 constructing connections through research 

 “There are a hundred ways of expressing the concept of teachers as researchers; it is a part of the architecture of thinking of the educational project of Reggio Emilia. Working as teachers as researchers can’t be taught, it is only possible to feel it, it must be experienced, it is a real part of life.”  (Carla Rinaldi, 2015)

 In this workshop Chris and Margo will offer an intensive experience for participants to engage in research about their own processes of learning as a way of expanding sensitivities to the knowledge building processes of children.  This workshop will be conducted over two, non consecutive days. The content connects theory and practice through building on work conducted by the participants prior to and between the workshop days. There are possibilities for supported research to continue further into the year. 

 REANZ is offering a unique opportunity- in both the North and South Islands - to engage in intensive professional learning with Margo Hobba and Chris Celada, consultants from Australia. Commencing in March 2017,with two full day meetings, and going through to June 2017, Margo and Chris will facilitate, mentor and support ‘face to face’ and ‘distance’ professional learning with the focus being on an exploration of own practice and knowledge-building over time. The professional learning will end with a full day meeting in June. At the conclusion of the two day experience in March there will be an opportunity to signal your definite participation (or not) in the ongoing research. 

We invite educators, teachers and practitioners who have a background in and a passion for Reggio Emilia-inspired teaching to register their interest. This professional learning opportunity will be particularly suitable for a small group of people from one early childhood setting.

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