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Reggio Emilia Aotearoa New Zealand (REANZ)

REANZ is a charitable trust that has been in existence since June 2009. There are ten trustees of REANZ, each of whom bring a considerable breadth of expertise and experience:  practitioners working in the early childhood and primary sector, tertiary educators and those in other roles related to ECE. REANZ is committed to providing opportunities for teachers to critically engage with the pedagogy of Reggio Emilia within the cultural content of Aotearoa. One of the main aims of REANZ is that the knots and complexities that can emerge from these encounters with Reggio pedagogy and practice will cause educators to look more closely at their own ideas about education.


When your dance and my dance are entwined

Clare Battersby, TAPAC, Auckland, New Zealand Contact:

Elizabeth Battersby, Education Consultant, Auckland, New Zealand Contact: 

This project dialogue examined how an emerging sense of dance identity might enhance a child’s awareness of and feeling of belonging in the world. It presented interviews with children that explored Clare Battersby’s long-held belief that children’s evolving sense of self develops and is empowered through their experience of an inclusive approach to dance. Here they are challenged and experience joy and success. This approach is rooted in contemporary dance theory, educational pedagogy, and theatre performance. It has no syllabus or examinations, but, rather, a co-constructed emergent curriculum. Every child is welcome in the class, which caters to their interests and abilities through collaboration between the teacher and participating children. 

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Pedagogical documentation – digging deeper

Pedagogical Documentation ‘Digging Deeper’

Did you miss these two amazing sessions?  Kirsty is coming back soon in March/April 2018, to Christchurch, Wellington, Hawkes Bay and Auckland.  More information when confirmed.

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‘Digging Deeper’

Kirsty Liljegren 

Kirsty Liljegren until recently was the Director of Cornish College ELC where many New Zealanders have visited this inspiring educational setting. Kirsty is a long standing member of Reggio Emilia Information Exchange Australia and has used the pedagogical provocations from Reggio Emilia to think about the question; ‘How do we as educators enable children to flourish?’.

and the ‘Cup Project'   The second component of this professional learning opportunity

will focus on a year-long project undertaken by teachers’ from            

Kids Domain Early Learning Centre. 

‘The Cup Project’

Bridgette Towle – Pedagogical Leader  

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Reggio Emilia International Study Tour - 2018

 Wednesday April 11 to April Saturday 21 2018

Educationalists Jerome Bruner and Howard Gardner have said that the educational opportunities that are offered by schools and preschools in Reggio Emilia are amongst the best in the world: 

"To really understand how these infant toddler centres and preschools exist, one needs to see them for oneself".

This experience will inspire you to think more deeply about teaching and learning in your setting in Aotearoa New Zealand.  As a participant you will have opportunities to reflect on: 
  • The cultural context of Reggio Emilia
  • The image of the child and the teacher
  • The notion of the environment as third teacher
  • The notion of pedagogy of listening
  • Making learning visible through documentation
  • The role of the pedagogista and your role as a professional leader
  • And so much more…

2018 REANZ Co-Hosts are Julianne Exton and Glenys Waller

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Primary Provocations Seminar

Re-imagining Power, Intent and Practice in the Primary Years of SchoolJill McLachlan

The Compass Not the Road - One School’s Journey Towards Emergent Curriculum Andrew Morrall and Jade Bell

Reflection by Liz Battersby, April 2017

It has been intriguing to reflect on this thought-provoking day with Jill, Andrew, and Jade. They have each found ways to embrace Reggio-inspired practice in their different educational roles. Jill is an early childhood teacher and education consultant in NSW. Andrew is principal at Rolleston School in Christchurch. Jade is one of the early “pioneer” teachers involved in implementing a Reggio-inspired approach at Rolleston. I know from personal experience how powerfully encounters with the Reggio Emilia project can shake up teachers’ thinking, capture the imagination, offer tantalising glimpses of what could be, and reward us with children’s deep involvement in learning. Jill, Andrew, and Jade have experienced this shaking up, while taking their own Reggio journeys. Their ultimate joy in what they have discovered and their transformed practice would encourage any motivated educator who is seriously considering travelling this road. The benefits to children’s learning are profound.



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