The Wonder of Learning - The Hundred Languages of Children

Reggio Children

This large exhibition, conceived as international and already travelling the world, recounts the developments and innovative energy of Reggio Emilia's educational work.

Five sections present some of the latest projects in Reggio Emilia's Infant-Toddler Centres and Preschools, offering a broad, interdisciplinary kaleidoscope spanning various "languages" and media.

  • Representing the exhibition's entire cultural project is the metaphor of the democratic square; a place open to exchange and viewpoints, starting with the theses defining the project's identity:
  • The vital right to education and learning;
  • An idea of schools based on the choice of an ecological approach, interdependency, living together and co-participation in constructing culture;
  • The hundred languages of children as the extraordinary potential of children and human beings in general, transforming and multiplying in journeys of knowledge and relations;
  • the idea of co-participatory education, oriented towards producing intercultural dynamics.

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