The Languages of Food - Recipes, Experiences, Thoughts

Reggio Children

Exchanging ideas, creating projects, establishing collaboration: these are events that often take place around a table during a meal and in moments of conviviality, whre the quality of the conversation becomes warmer and more empathetic.

In Reggio Emilia, the choice of having a kitchen in each of the municipal Infant-toddler Centres and Preschools has always conveyed strong meaning, both pedagogical and cultural. The kitchen represents a sort of gastronomic "residence" that safeguards diversity and values and respects different tastes, religious choices, and medical indications. The kitchen is a place for listening to the families and their habits, as well as for orientation toward the community, where lunchtime becomes a space and context of relationships and encounters with the world.

This is the backdrop for a "cookbook" made up of good recipes, experiences, projects and thoughts that are constructed and take shape in and around the kitchen.

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