Stories from Reggio - Elena Giacopini

Posted on April 7, 2015

a reflection by Liz Battersby

Elena Giacopini shared fascinating stories and memories of research projects from Reggio Emilia and how they reflect the pedagogy of listening. I was absorbed by her insight and wisdom, and could identify with her comment that although she has been an educator for forty years, she continues to learn. Expressing her delight in having visited an early childhood centre earlier that day, she explained that she would return home with many questions, for this is their way of working in Reggio Emilia, where pedagogy embraces doubts, interpretations and wonderings – a way of approaching children’s education that she firmly believes must be kept alive. The audience response to Elena’s talk certainly indicated that there are many dedicated teachers in Aotearoa New Zealand who desire a greater understanding of the Reggio approach. 

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